Inspiring fundraising to help people do great things.

The new playground,
the first field trip…

Whatever your school’s specific needs may be, your support makes these special learning opportunities happen. On behalf of the youth everywhere, “THANK YOU for making our school a special place!”

Fundraising is a tried-and-true, time-honored tradition that, if handled properly, can provide life lessons for our youth. These drives are often a child’s first taste of volunteer service and they allow them to build self esteem, social skills, and develop community spirit.


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The kickoff went well. We had parents say that kids actually came home talking about how they could help the school instead of talking about what prizes they could get. Having the teachers talk about it helped make it more intimate and meaningful I think.

Birchview Elementary

Everything went very well. My 9 year old recited almost exactly what Rich said to them school yesterday. I know if she was listening, they all were! I was in the building until the end of the day and heard continuous chatter about what prizes they were going to win. I even had 2 very concerned boys ask me if Mr. Rich had more than one of the dome light prizes because they both wanted to win that prize!

So happy to be working with you all again this year!

Thanks for everything!

Elms Elementary

Just wanted to let you know the kick-off went great. Principal was happy, kids seemed excited, and hoping parents will be too. It was one of my easiest kick-offs since I have been doing this.

KellySchool Secretary

You offer products that are so good – I use them as gifts for special occasions for my family and friends.

LauraSchool Secretary